You Are Privileged To Have More Rather Than Less


As you may very well know, getting pregnant is not as easy as you might have thought. So you have been looking at other options to help you get pregnant, such as an IVF clinic nearest to you. We do not want to compromise on quality either, just because you are close to a fertility clinic. Do you know what that is like? To have to choose between convenience and quality? Sure that is fine for example when it comes to which grocery store you should shop at. The market around the corner from your home might charge bit more, but when you need just a half gallon of milk right away, it is much closer than the supermarket you shop at for the majority of your grocery shopping needs. You are paying for the convenience when you go just around the block to your corner market.

Now how does this all compare to fertility you might be wondering? Well, you might be wondering what kind of care you would be getting at the different locations nearest you. No, there is not a fertility specialist on every corner of your neighborhood, though there might be a Starbucks! Just because there is one nearest to you does not mean that that is the one you should go to. And on the contrary, just because you live in a bigger city perhaps, a metropolitan area, you may be nearest a major medical facility, hospital or clinic. That location very well could be the best fit for you still! Just as you were taught at a young age to not judge a book by its cover, you should not judge a facility strictly on looks alone. Research into what doctors work there and what rating the overall staff have received. Do they receive awards and are they nationally or internationally known?


The purpose of this discussion here is to awaken you to the fact that although you might have too many options around you for infertility care, you are privileged to have more rather than less. Go to the ones that have top notch quality care. Interview the doctors and talk about success rates. Talk about pricing and what would be expected of you and your spouse, both as patients. The more options you have the better, within reason of course. You will not have hundreds of options, but a handful or so in your area is nice. Friendly competition is nice, that or the clinic you are hoping to be seen at may have satellite locations for convenience. How nice is that, now?

Infertility treatments are not always easy. That’s the plain and simple truth. Having multiple locations working together though, as a team, may very well help lessen the load upon yourselves. Say you need to go in a few days in a row and that drive can start to take a toll on you if it’s too far out of your way. Without compromising on quality of care, it would be perfect to have resource locations at your fingertips… or across from your work or home. Be encouraged to explore your options and conquer your goals.

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