Thoughts & Options On Getting Pregnant When Traditional Ways Do Not Work

So, you are having thoughts about alternative options to getting pregnant. Traditional sexual intercourse is not getting you pregnant and you have been trying for what seems like forever. It has been months turned into years and you are wondering what is really going on. You have thoughts like “why is this not working?” It might be time to get a professional’s input on the matter. Speaking with a fertility specialist, also called a reproductive endocrinologist, is the way to go in getting the conversation started.
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Here are somethings to consider before talking to your doctor and making that appointment with the specialist your doctor has referred you to.

 Consider time. When you think about time, think on your age, your partner’s age. Think on what length of time you and your partner have been trying to conceive. How long has it been? Also, think on what time of the month and how frequently you are having intercourse.

Consider accuracy. In this regard, think about your own cycle as a woman. Have you been able to track your cycles time and time again? Are you regular? Have you been taking your temperature with your basal thermometer? There are also ovulation tests to know when you are ovulating gin your cycle. If you are also tracking symptoms, you should be able to pretty accurately track when you are the most fertile. This will drastically increase your chances of conceiving when you have intercourse at this time.

Ok, so after these two major considerations and you are not able to get pregnant it is time to explore further options. First talk with your partner about your wishes and wants. Talk to him or her about making a doctor’s appointment for this matter in particular or mention that you will be bringing his up for conversation at your next scheduled appointment. That is the basis, the starting ground.

Great! Now you have talked to your doctor. You meet the criteria for furthering your medical needs/wants with a specialist. You are on the right track and closer to your ultimate goal. The specialist goes over a full medical evaluation of you and your partner. Further tests and labs are done to get the big picture. Now more action and options can be taken!

What were your results? What options do you have and what did the reproductive endocrinologist recommend? Is in vitro fertilization (IVF) the best route? Maybe egg donation from is a good option? How about intrauterine insemination?

The options go on and on really. That is why this is its own branch in health care! Each case with couples is different and no two are exactly alike. There are sometimes where unexplained infertility is the diagnosis… but attempts to reproduce like with IVF are still successful! It is a field of study in medicine that is always on the cutting edge, always more to study and learn like most other areas. As discoveries and breakthroughs are still happening, the efficiency and accuracy in fertility work is being redefined as well.

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