Reproductive Health

Reproduction is the process of bringing new individuals into this world. It is the reason why population continues to grow. Without reproduction, the human race will go extinct. The achievement of a healthy society depends on how people take care of their reproductive health. Good reproductive health will ensure that parents will not transmit any health disorders to their future children.

Governments and organizations worldwide promote campaigns for reproductive health. They addresses the treatment and prevention of diseases affecting human reproductive systems. Sexual intercourse can lead to acquiring diseases like AIDS. The risk is high, especially if the people involved had different partners. Scientists still haven’t found a cure for this disease so people must stay cautious.

Reproductive health also tackles the issue of teenage and unwanted pregnancy. Early childbearing is dangerous for both mother and child. There are cases of complications while in labor resulting in fetal death. Teenage mothers consider abortion as an escape from parental responsibilities early in life. The unfortunate side effect of abortion is that it can take away the chance of getting pregnant again and leave a woman barren.

Scientists suggest the use of contraceptives to maintain good reproductive health. Usage of condoms and birth control pills will hinder the fertilization process. They also serve as a protection against sexual transmitted diseases. They lower the chances of teenage and unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptives don’t intend to promote sexual intercourse; their primary goal is to ensure the safety of people.

Religious groups fight against the use of contraception. There are positive and negative opinions about this issue. Opinions where some appear to be practical while others stick to their faith. People should just keep in mind to be responsible with their decisions.

A responsible couple will build a family after marriage. This is because having children is a lifetime commitment. A task like parenting is not as easy as people imagine. There will be struggles as the children grow older. This is why couples who are not ready for such obligations must focus on the needs of their reproductive health nonetheless. Focusing their attention on maintaining a healthy body is a way to prepare for an important duty in the future.

The health of the next generation depends on the discipline of all the world’s parents today. Do not give in to sexual desires and pleasures. Do not be careless. Think of the long ranging consequences that engaging in sexual intercourse will result in.

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